• All reactors equipped with jacket steam (100psi, 155C) and tempered water loop (105Cmax), Evaporative Cooling Tower (27C Summer, 8C Winter)
  • Reactors and Feed tanks are on Load Cells. Larger Reactors also equipped with mass flow meters and control valves for up to 3 feeds
  • Most reactors equipped with variable speed 45 degree pitch turbine agitators and baffles
  • Most reactors equipped with overhead condensers and mix/feed tank systems
  • House vacuum to 26” and higher vacuum capability on most vessels
  • Various filtration equipment including bag, cartridge, vibrating screen, and sparkler capabilities
  • Plant bulk Nitrogen available on all equipment
  • Drying capabilities (vacuum tray oven and ribbon blender dryer)
  • Centrifuge Hot Boxes (2 x 80 drums, 1 x 4 drums – 90-120°C)
  • Warm Room (40 drums 50°C) and Cold Room (2 x 40°F)
  • In house Cleaning Methodology (Solvent Wash, 15% Caustic Wash, 20,000psi Pressure Washer)
  • Mills – IKA Mills [Ultra-turrax T25 (100ml), T50 (500 ml) UTL 2000/4 (3 gal/min) UTL 2000/5 (11 gal/min)
  • DR 2000/20 (90gal/min)] and Kady Mill (30 gal/min)
  • BEE homogenizer (0.5 gal/min)
  • 30 ton portable chiller



22, 50, 72, 100 Liter

Corning Glass, electric mantle or tempered water heating, column, splitter

75 gallon

304 SS reactor, electric heat to 300°C, 260 gal cut tank

310 gallon

316 SS reactor, 1000 gal cut tank 304 SS

350 gallon

DeDietrich glass reactor

500 gallon

316 SS reactor, 300 gallon receiver tank, high vacuum down to 1 torr

650 gallon

304 SS reactor, 2000 gallon cut tank 304 SS

1000 gallon

304 SS reactor, 3000 gallon cut tank 304 SS

1400 gallon

DeDietrich glass reactor, Hastelloy C coils, agitator, and blades

2000 gallon

316 SS reactor

2300 gallon

316 SS reactor

2500 gallon

316 SS reactor

3400 gallon

304 SS x 2 reactor

5000 gallon

304 SS x 2 reactor

6000 gallon

304 SS reactor, 2 x 6500 gallon let down tank

Multiple Blend Tanks

Ranging from 200-6500 gal 304 SS

Multiple Storage Tanks

(6,000 to 18,000 gallon) available for raw and finished goods.


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