At Ortec, Inc., our history is important to us. Our founder, Dr. Larry Brotherton, has a passion for quality, solutions and work done right the first time. Even as the company grows and develops new services, we never forget the values that made us who we are as a company.

Larry Brotherton learned hard work growing up on a farm in eastern Tennessee. He polished his work ethic by putting himself through college and by earning a Ph.D. in Chemistry. With funds from the sale of his family home, he started his own custom synthesis company (Ortec Inc.) in 1980.



  • Company is founded in 1980
  • Early work with the textile industry and highly specialized organic synthesis for a broad spectrum of markets
  • Easley site is constructed on 22-acre site in 1985
  • Company begins expanding into a wide variety of polymers
  • Company produces its first pharmaceutical intermediate


  • Significant additions made to accommodate larger volumes; vessels to 6,500 gallons
  • Bulk monomer storage added
  • Solution and emulsion acrylics become largest manufactured products by volume
  • Company begins manufacturing enteric coatings for cGMP market
  • Labs are expanded to provide more pilot work and analytical offerings
  • Mixing tanks added for additional blending
  • Hot melt and specialized polyurethane and dispersive capabilities added


  • Second location established in Piedmont, SC for dedicated cGMP processes
  • New infrastructure in heating and cooling capacity added to support growing volumes
  • New reactor bays added to Easley site
  • Piedmont site adds Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Clean Room
  • Piedmont site adds USP/EP Water water capabilities
  • Pendleton site acquired
  • Additional acreage added to Easley site
  • New warehousing and office spaces added to Easley site


  • Warehousing added to Pendleton site
  • New laboratories and office space at Pendleton site
  • Completed Pendleton site with Manufacturing capabilities
  • New laboratories and offices added to Piedmont site
  • 6,000 ft² of temperature controlled warehousing space added to Piedmont site
  • Wiped Film Evaporator capabilities added
  • Twin 3,400 gallon reactors with overhead and feed tanks added to Easley site
  • 4,000 ft² of development and analytical lab space added to Piedmont site
  • 5,000 ft² of medical device material manufacturing space added to Piedmont site
  • 6,000 gallon emulsion polymerization reactor system added to Easley site


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